HOL 6709

Leadership Development

In a rapidly growing and changing world, all organizations seek some level of competitive advantage. In view of a ‘race for talent’ (Khilji, Schuler and Tarique, forthcoming; Michaels, Handfield-Jones, and Axelrod, 2001) and a realization that resources are finite (Avolio, Avey, and Quisenberry, 2010; Hitt et. al., 2001), many organizations have started placing a greater emphasis on developing leadership talent (Avolio et al., 2010). Thus leadership has becoming a source for competitive advantage in itself (Day, 2001; DeRue, Sitkin, and Podolny, 2011; Murphy and Johnson, 2011) and leader (intrapersonal) and leadership (interpersonal) development has gained much prominence within organizations (Day, 2001; Day, et al., 2014).

Pre-requisite: HOL 6704: Leadership in Organizations or a similar course (with approval of the Program Director)

Learning Objectives
After completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Demonstrate the importance and difference of leader and leadership development
  • Design leadership development and followership development program for a selected organization
  • Evaluate and integrate the principles of leadership/ leader development in different contextual/cultural settings
  • Critically analyze information learned on leadership/ leader development to synthesize one’s own view of effective leadership development
Area: Human & Organizational Learning