HOL 6707

Organizational Learning

This course is designed to create an understanding of organizational learning processes and to develop skills for thinking about managerial and organization cognition in ways that are innovative, creative, and effective. It offers the practitioner a way to understand collective level processes and structures that both facilitate and hinder an organization’s capacity to gather, select, and process information as well as retain and act upon knowledge valued and created by members. In addition, the final project will use organizational diagnosis techniques to view and assess the learning processes within an organization, further expanding students’ knowledge through practical application.

Learning Objectives
After completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Understand the development of organizational learning theory and research and identify the most influential theories/models of Organizational Learning and their conceptual underpinnings.
  • Integrate foundational and contemporary theories and models of Organizational Learning through the creation of your own descriptive model of the organizational learning process.
  • Apply organizational learning concepts to better understand organizational processes and develop solutions to challenges they face.
  • Gain skills in assessing the collective nature of organizations as they engage in learning processes.
Area: Human & Organizational Learning