HOL 6706

Current Issues in Organizational Leadership

The pace of change has accelerated dramatically in recent decades transforming both businesses and society. One welcome consequence of these shifts is that people are increasingly considered to be the most critical factor to organizational success. There is an agreement that their importance will only grow in the future, as the environment continues to become even more complex. In this course, we argue that organizations need to fine-tune their processes and systems by creating a leadership or people advantage, the ability to gain competitive advantage through people strategies. In order to build this argument, we will focus on the following five issues:

  • Talent Management/ Development (national talent development and leadership development);
  • Leading through Demographic Shifts (gender and generational issues);
  • Leadership in a Globalized World (transitioning values, international/cross cultural aspects);
  • Leading Global Change (base of the pyramid and social entrepreneurship).
  • Developing New Forms of Leadership (responsible leadership, authentic and emergent leadership, ethics and sustainability); and

Learning Objectives
Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Recognize the leadership or people advantage argument.
  • Evaluate current (and future) issues in leadership facing organizations and societies in USA and globally.
  • Develop an expertise in one of the self-selected leadership topics.
Area: Human & Organizational Learning