HOL 6705

Strategic Change

Strategic change is devoted to exploring the role of leadership and learning in supporting business strategy and long-term development of employee expertise. This class will explore strategic change from a leadership and learning perspective, and promotes a more enlightened, ethical, and skills-focused change management that puts human capital at the forefront of the change agenda.

We argue that contemporary views of strategic change contribute to the strategic objectives and success of the organization through systematic human resource development and organization development processes and initiatives. This course is about applying these processes to develop an organization’s capability to achieve its goals and implement its strategy. While the course will acquaint you with some best practices for organizing and managing people and organizations to compete successfully, the primary focus will be on how to lead an organization through a process of self-examination, redesign and change that result in sustained effectiveness, learning and higher performance.

Learning Objectives

By the conclusion of this course, each class member should be able to:
  • Identify what constitutes an organizational strategy
  • Recognize that strategic change processes should incorporate diagnosis and redesign of its policies and practices involving its talent
  • Apply the concepts and sequence of analytic steps that leaders on all organizational levels must follow if they are to improve their organization’s capability to implement strategy and satisfy stakeholders
  • Formulate your own approach to strategic change
  • Evaluate external and internal alignments of an organization’s strategy and change, in view of linking to its performance
Area: Human & Organizational Learning