HOL 6704

Leadership in Organizations

The purpose of this course is to help students appreciate current approaches to leadership in organizations. There are many theories about leaders and leadership. For ease of consumption, the theories are organized into four major categories of approaches reflecting what they address regarding: the leader as an individual; the relationship between leaders and followers; leadership as an organizational process; and leadership as an emergent, interactive dynamic. The course also explores approaches to leadership development and briefly addresses issues related to leadership research. Finally, the course provides an opportunity for each class member either reflect on their leadership-related experiences and focus their future leadership development activities into a 1-year personal leadership development plan, or reflect on the leadership development needs of their organization and prepare a 1-year leadership development plan for the organization as a whole or a business unit or sub-group within the organization.

Relevant readings, out-of-class observations, and exercise completion will precede class time. Class time will largely be led by class members who will have the opportunity to practice the use of co-leadership and shared leadership in facilitating class sessions, as these practices are particularly relevant to leadership in contemporary organizational settings. Faculty will help focus class sessions, facilitate understanding of the various approaches to leadership, and provide feedback on class assignments.

Learning Objectives
By the conclusion of this course, each class member should be able to:

  • Discuss the major approaches to leadership and the basic challenges involved in leadership research
  • Recognize the relationship between leadership and organizational culture and change
  • Apply principles of co and shared leadership to group learning
  • Criticize different approaches to leadership by yourself and others as practiced in organizational settings
  • Prepare a leadership development plan
Area: Human & Organizational Learning