HOL 6702

Organizational Change

This course focuses upon helping participants diagnose the need for organizational change through a Systems Approach. It is designed to foster the development of skills and competencies needed for assessing organizational conditions associated with change. Participants will be introduced to various diagnosis processes, theories and models that consultants and practitioners use for interpreting and understanding the current state of organizational systems. Conventional techniques for collecting, analyzing, and presenting data during the diagnosis process will be outlined and applied in the classroom and in a real organizational setting. The course will facilitate participants in acquiring a clearer understanding of the concept of organizations, learning about organizations as open systems, and seeing themselves as organizational consultants and/or leaders involved in leading change. Participants are also expected to experiment with strategies, methods, and techniques; identify a variety of lenses for organizational assessment; and develop a diagnostic strategy and model to apply to their own organizations.

The overriding theme of this course is that in order to lead and/or facilitate change, consultants and leaders ‘need a clear, unobstructed vision of its organization and its direction, one that manifests the confluence of all relevant systems’ (Howard, 1994). We will argue that rapid and radical organizational change cannot be piecemeal. A planned, comprehensive strategy, though energy depleting and painful, is the only reliable road to sustainable change. And this requires integrated organizational diagnosis.

Learning Objectives

After completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Define the purpose, and scope of organizational diagnosis and change
  • Evaluate the principles of organizational diagnosis and change as applied by a variety of organizations
  • Propose an action plan to help an organization manage and/or undergo a major change
  • Formulate your own personal views on organizational diagnosis and change
Area: Human & Organizational Learning