EDUC 6240

Fundamentals of Educational Leadership and the Change Process

Current leadership theory and systems behavior in the context of administrative practice in educational settings. Key elements of leadership and management. The impact of context, culture, power, politics, change, communications and organizational learning on administration.

Learning Objectives

  • Acquire knowledge and use data that is valid and reliable to confirm what is working well and reveal instructional gaps between the current reality and the shared vision
  • Review relevant research and apply research-based strategies that align to data-driven goals to promote student achievement
  • Establish instructional goals and develop an action plan to achieve those goals for the purpose of instructional improvement and student achievement
  • Develop knowledge of various leadership theories and critical concepts in education administration, including the moral and ethical dimensions of leadership
  • Understand current societal contexts and issues impacting schools, accountability, and education reform strategies deployed at the state and local levels
  • Review the school improvement plan and develop aspects of the plan to achieve specific instructional goals and lead the development of internal accountability for improvement in the context of a school environment