EDUC 6842

Teacher Leadership Supporting Improvement Science

This course examines the practice of teacher leadership with attention to cultivating, developing, and utilizing a leadership perspective through the work of Improvement Science. Students will examine the dispositions, knowledge, processes, and relationships supportive of teacher leaders working in different school contexts. The course integrates improvement science with practice through field-based experiences and assessments of their school environment to develop students’ leadership capabilities, competencies, and dispositions.

Learning Outcomes

  • Develop an understanding of improvement science practices which facilitate teacher leadership by enabling the school community to identify roadblocks to their progress through:
    • Examining the changing roles of teachers and conditions that influence these roles
    • Identifying the role of the teacher leader in improving the delivery of instruction and student learning
    • Identifying the critical problem solving issues of teachers and develop plans to address these current utilizing improvement science
    • Analyzing factors impacting the establishment of a collaborative problem solving culture for teachers
    • Examining teacher leader practices and strategies that contribute to school effectiveness
  • To develop the knowledge and disposition teacher leaders will need to become effective teacher leaders of Improvement Science, teachers will
    • Examine the roles (formal and informal) of teacher leaders and benchmarks for effective problem solving
    • Describe and reflect on the roles and perspectives of different school stakeholders
    • Analyze factors impacting the job performance of teachers in regard to the improvement science model
  • To identify and create a vision of teacher leadership and leading learning with an improvement science focus sustained internship
    • Identify teacher leadership and organizational frameworks appropriate in school settings that promote student success through improvement science techniques
    • Develop strategies needed to assume professional responsibility for the practice of the improvement science model
    • Develop strategies that create and nurture a positive school problem solving culture
    • Recognize the role of the teacher leader as the moral leader, representing ethical, and fair practices

Area: Educational Leadership