EDUC 6840

Introduction to Improvement Science

This foundation course introduces students the process and tools of Improvement Science. It introduces and guides students as they learn and experience the Improvement science methodology, from exploring problems in their schools to testing and adapting solutions to their unique settings. This class helps students begin to grow the knowledge and social and analytic skills needed to implement and lead educational organizations in this process.


Learning Outcomes

  • Identify and explore problems in local schools
  • Become familiar with how to select and test solutions to address students’ problems of interest
  • Adapt students’ solutions to local context and capacity to implement
  • Analyze information in groups utilizing a range of Improvement Science tools, procedures, and processes
  • Articulate the decision-making process used, with supporting evidence, from problem articulation to solution
  • Apply knowledge about improvement science as a process and tools in students’ schools
  • Develop capacity to coach and lead others through key stages of improvement science


Area: Educational Leadership