EDUCĀ 6404

Managing Computer Applications

This course provides managers and emergent professionals in all sectors of the economy with the essential computer application knowledge, competencies, and skills needed in most work settings. This course addresses topics important in improving productivity through effective use of computer technology. During the course, students will develop a Strategic Management Plan (SMP) for a selected topic that can be implemented in a work setting they have selected.

Learning Objectives

  • Improve computer management decision-making through independent research via the Internet
  • Formulate a realistic view of technology and its impact on management and the workplace
  • Evaluate computer application management tools
  • Understand developments in technology that can be used to select the best features of computer systems important to an efficient work environment
  • Develop a procedure to upgrade software, hardware, and management practices that will improve productivity
  • Analyze the most effective functions in software application packages that enhance workplace productivity
  • Develop a process and related strategies to improve software and hardware selection
  • Identify planning strategies that can improve purchasing
Area: Educational Leadership