EDUC 6401

Applying Educational Media and Technology

This course is a foundation class for the Master's Degree program in Educational Technology Leadership at The George Washington University. It provides an introduction to the theory and practice of educational technology. While the primary focus of the course is on the use of technology in school settings, the course will also be relevant to persons involved in training and adult education. The intent of the course is to provide a general understanding of instructional theory and media, and enable educators to make more rational choices regarding technology. Not only are the key characteristics of different media surveyed, principles and issues concerning their appropriate use are also discussed.

Learning Objectives

  • Critically analyze the educational technology literature in terms of the significant issues associated with using technology in classrooms
  • Develop a plan for applying any theory and technology covered in this course to a specific learning or teaching problem
  • Produce instructional materials using any of the technologies covered in the course
  • Describe the strengths and limitations of educational technology and articulate a personal philosophy of how technology should be used in schools
Area: Educational Leadership