EDUC 6368

Leadership and Education

This course provides an opportunity for students to explore multiple aspects of power, leadership, and education while examining various theories and dimensions of leadership. Students will discover their own leadership potential as they delve into the characteristics of leadership, adult development and change, personal and technical skills, and the functions of leadership. Moreover, participants will learn about the integral role of leaders and reflect on leadership roles and responsibilities.

Learning Objectives

  • Study several different theories and types of leadership
  • Examine the characteristics, traits, and attributes of effective leaders
  • Identify the source of power in an organization and ways it is utilized
  • Apply theories of leadership to real world scenarios
  • Plan a project or proposal that cultivates their leadership skills
  • Develop a leadership framework
  • Understand the ways in which leadership and a leader’s behavior can influence change in various settings
  • Examine strategies for leading teams and organizations
  • Assess their own development, practices, and potential as leaders
Area: Educational Leadership