EDUCĀ 6246

Seminar: Applied Educational Administration

Application of the theories and principles of administration to public and private schools. Field experience in a phase of administration and supervision. Admission by permission of instructor.

Learning Objectives

  • Increase the appreciation of how the facility and support services impact the instructional program
  • Explore the organization and functions of maintenance, engineering, transportation, food service, personnel, budgeting, and other support operations
  • Develop an understanding of facility planning, student enrollment projections, and capital improvement and the myriads of complex environmental and legal challenges
  • Incorporate knowledge of facilities into constructs that support the educational program
  • Synthesize the information on technology and its application to facilities and the educational program
  • Develop an understanding of the financial impact of facility planning, construction, renovation and maintenance
  • Develop the art and understanding of working with support staff, architects, engineers, contractors, and other non-instructional resources
  • Acquire a vocabulary of terms necessary to understand financial, construction, renovation, and other operational and support systems
  • Understand the regulatory aspects of maintenance and operations
  • Validate the need for facility planners, interim facility administrators, ample facilities, and well-maintained buildings
Area: Educational Leadership