EDUC 6236

School Law and Policy

The legal basis of education and public schools in the United States. Constitutional provisions and federal statutes that guide school law. Legal factors that influence school policy. Consideration of practical school situations for legal implications, development of skills to research legal issues affecting schools, and preventive law measures.

Learning Objectives

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the policies, laws, and regulations enacted by local, state, and federal authorities that affect schools, especially those that might improve educational and social opportunities
  • Analyze emerging issues and trends that might affect schools and districts and apply them to develop activities and policies that benefit students and their families to achieve effective instructional programs and school services
  • Ability to develop a continuing dialogue with economic and political decision makers concerning the role of schools and to build collaborative relationships that support improved social and educational opportunities for children
  • Demonstrate the ability to use public information and research-based knowledge of issues and trends to collaborate with and involve families and community members and bring together resources to positively affect student learning
  • Demonstrate the ability to capitalize on the diversity (cultural, ethnic, racial, economic, and special interest groups) of the school community to improve school programs and meet the diverse needs of all students
Area: Educational Leadership