EDUC 6232

Supervision of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment

Preparation to lead and assess curriculum, instruction, and assessment practices in educational settings.

Learning Objectives

  • Apply principles of effective instruction in observing classroom instruction and in suggesting improvements for instructional practices and curricular materials
  • Develop knowledge of observing, designing, implementing, monitoring, and auditing curriculum with the support of technology in order to ensure that all students have access to instruction that accommodates their diverse needs and learning styles
  • Identify and discuss current and emerging curriculum issues and theories as described in the research and apply these strategies to promote improved student achievement
  • Compare and contrast the major curriculum orientations that influence curriculum design, delivery, and assessment and their impact on student learning
  • Reflect one’s own philosophy of education and supervision and apply it to the practice of instructional leadership and supervision
  • Identify the skills necessary to be an effective supervisor, including intervention and nurturing strategies for teachers who are ineffective, as well as skills for motivating those teachers who are successful
  • Develop the knowledge, interpersonal, and technical skills required in supervisory leadership and review and apply instruments by which a supervisor can evaluate teacher performance in relation to uniform performance standards
  • Apply knowledge of aspects of school culture that promote diversity, inclusive practices and learning communities
Area: Educational Leadership