What is an Organizational Leadership Masters?

Organizational leadership is an important aspect of business because it helps keep an enterprise focused and on-track to accomplish the company’s overall vision.

An online Master of Arts in Education and Human Development in Organizational Leadership and Learning from the George Washington University can open the door to an exciting range of career opportunities in many different enterprises.

Choosing a Master’s Program: Which Degree is Right for You?

If you are comparing an MBA program with an organizational leadership master’s program, the main difference to understand is that an MBA program will teach a traditional analytical approach to management. Organizational leadership programs, on the other hand, will help you cultivate a more personal and creative approach to leadership.

Leadership comes in many forms, and if you enjoy a hands-on, creative approach to business, you may find that organizational leadership better suits your strengths and interests. With a master of organizational leadership, you will get a better understanding of the many diverse aspects of leadership and how you can lead in an evolving business environment.

This practical, growth-oriented approach uses real-world examples to help you incorporate your individual leadership skills into a business setting for long-term, measurable success. You will learn how to work with others in any setting, detect their emotional intelligence, and find the way to help each individual reach their full potential.

As an alternative to a traditional MBA, GW’s Master’s in Organizational Leadership and Learning is designed to develop your leadership expertise. You’ll learn how to build teams, manage human capital, lead change, build learning organizations/culture, and inspire your team. You’ll also further such important skills as decision-making, conflict management, organizational behavior, and communication.

Seizing Leadership Opportunities

A master’s degree in Organizational Leadership and Learning offers many different career options. These can include:

  • Corporate recruiting
  • Strategic planning
  • Leadership coaching and development
  • Human resources
  • Organizational development
  • Change management practitioners/consulting
  • Corporate learning

You can put these skills to work for nonprofit organizations, consulting firms, corporations, government agencies, higher education, and more.

Career Outlook for Leadership and Management Positions

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Services, training and development manager jobs are expected to grow 11 percent by 2022, and as of 2012, the median annual salary was $95,400. For management consultants or management analysts, the outlook is even brighter, with an anticipated 19 percent increase in job opportunities projected by 2022.

To further your leadership skills with an innovative and comprehensive curriculum, an organizational leadership master’s degree could be the perfect fit for you. To learn more, request information or call 844-386- 7323.