What Jobs Can I Find in Educational Technology?

Educational technology isn’t just for teachers. Individuals in government agencies, the military, higher education, health care, and corporations can all find rewarding jobs in educational technology. The George Washington University’s (GW) online Master of Arts in Educational Technology Leadership degree can be a step toward career advancement and leadership in a growing field, as well as a change in career.

Educational technology is applied to nearly every learning environment. Business, government, non-government organizations (NGOs), and professional institutions frequently need training for their employees. School districts, colleges, universities, and other educational organizations need effective leadership improving curricula and student engagement, no matter the age of the target audience—adult learners need help learning, too.

Educational technology, a key factor in most professional development, can improve employee training whether or not it is delivered face-to- face, fully online, or in a blended learning environment. Let’s look at some of the many areas where you can find jobs in educational technology.

Corporate and Professional Training Jobs

As the industry evolves, more opportunities present themselves in the professional work environment.

Instructional designers help to:

  • Assess the needs and learning gaps of groups of people
  • Select the strategies and techniques that will best address learner needs
  • Take into account the diversity of backgrounds and learning styles of their probable learners and evaluate outcomes

Similarly, training specialists work with corporations’ HR departments. They:

  • Implement instructional programs
  • Conduct orientations and train employees
  • Teach necessary concepts and skills, including technology skills
  • Assess employees’ needs

Training and development managers:

  • Coordinate and manage the design and implementation of instruction by other instructors
  • Support their employees in the creation of short- and long-term professional development plans
  • Lead the overarching professional development goals within an organization

Professionals in these fields guide and implement plans for the long-term success of an organization, and are important to any organization that engages in training and professional development of their employees. For those interested in advancing their instructional design and training skills, GW offers an online Graduate Certificate in Instructional Design. For those interested in training, GW offers an online Graduate Certificate in Training and Educational Technology.

Careers in Education

Behind successful teaching lies quality administration at both the school and district levels, and educational technology specialists can perform a variety of administrative roles in both K-12 and higher education environments, such as: