Organizational Leadership Salary and Career Opportunities

A master’s degree in organizational leadership opens the door to a diverse array of professional opportunities. And, what’s more, you can earn a competitive salary while enjoying a rewarding career. Here are some of the top employment opportunities in organizational leadership that are available to graduates.

Human Resource Manager
A human resource manager oversees recruitment and hiring of new employees, and works alongside upper management to identify employment goals and missions. Managers may sometimes lead a small team of human resource specialists, depending on the size of the company.

Training and Development Managers
Training and development managers are responsible for the overall professional development of employees within a business. They often identify educational courses that are beneficial and coordinate with employees who can take advantage of them.

Strategic Planner
A strategic planner helps an organization set goals and stick to them by aligning employee efforts and resources to optimize success. This position is responsible for the overall direction that a business takes by defining the business itself, its mission and its customer base.

  • Average salary: $83,318

Performance Improvement Manager
Performance improvement managers help a company access areas of weakness in both employee knowledge and overall workflow. Managers conduct training sessions for employees and monitor their success and impact on the company, as a whole.

Talent Manager
A talent manager works with individuals to advance their career. Often, talent managers work with actors, artists, musicians, or athletes to help them identify career opportunities, land interviews, and negotiate contracts of employment.

  • Average salary: $81,392

Management Analyst
A management analyst has a keen eye for organizational efficiency. Analysts review a company's structure and processes to suggest ways to cut costs, streamline workflow and improve revenue.

Human Resource Specialist
A human resource specialist helps with the hiring process and manages resources associated with employment like compensation, health insurance, and retirement plans.

Corporate Recruiter
A corporate recruiter is an investigative resource who searches for talented employees to join a company. He or she also does preliminary hiring duties, like reviewing resumes and conducting initial interviews.

  • Average salary: $57,000

The George Washington University’s Master of Arts in Education and Human Development in Organizational Leadership and Learning degree combines a challenging curriculum with hands-on experience to help students prepare for leadership roles in the workforce. To learn more, request information or call 844-386-7323.

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