Launch Celebration for Dr. Raymond Wanner's UNESCO Book

On November 2nd GW's UNESCO Chair in Education for Development celebrated the launch of Dr. Raymond Wanner's book, "UNESCO’s Origins, Achievements, Problems and Promise: An Inside/Outside Perspective from the U.S." The event took place at GW's Duques Hall from 5:30-6:30 and included an audience of 50 students, faculty, area representatives from academic foundations and organizations, and friends and critics of UNESCO.

Following opening remarks by faculty members from the Graduate School of Education and Human Development and from Ms. Melinda Kimble of the UN Foundation, Dr. Wanner presented the contours of his study. The keynote address was followed by commentary by guest speakers Professor Esther Brimmer of the Elliott School of International Affairs and Dr. Nicholas Burnett of the Research for Development Institute, who supported Wanner's theses by advocating for renewed U.S. financial support, greater awareness of UNESCO among the pubic and particularly among youth, and calling for a renewed commitment by the academic community in shaping UNESCO in the future.