Interview with GW's Director of Online Admissions: Educational Technology Leadership

GW’s Director of Online Admissions shares career insights and details about the online Master’s in Educational Technology Leadership program.

Who is the ideal candidate for GW’s online Master’s in Educational Technology Leadership?
Candidates should have a strong desire to advance their skills in technology to deliver curriculum to a diverse audience with a variety of learning styles. Candidates also need an awareness of how people communicate today and an interest in using educational technologies to bridge learning gaps in their organizations or schools.

What kind of experience do students enrolled in the program have?
Students’ backgrounds and experience are quite diverse with a range of degrees and professional experience. Overall, most students have advanced technical experience and knowledge of curriculum either as teachers or corporate trainers, which helps them as they learn about innovative ways to implement instructional technology and design in their organizations.

How does the Educational Technology Leadership program prepare students for leadership roles in their own careers?
This program provides comprehensive preparation in the field of educational technology and instructional design. The focus is to prepare effective educational technology leaders who can apply educational technology theory in practice, in a variety of settings.

What opportunities for collaboration do students have while enrolled in GW’s online program?
Students have many opportunities for collaboration. They network with each other via social media, discussion boards, group projects and web conferencing tools. Our students have many common interests and by collaborating on coursework, giving each other feedback, and exchanging ideas, they build professional connections that continue long after they they complete the ETL program.

Does the program have a residency requirement?
There is no residency requirement. Also, our classes are 100% asynchronous, which means students can participate on their own schedule.

In addition to the Master’s program, GW also offers online Graduate Certificates with a number of specializations within the field. Can students apply credits earned in the certificate programs to the Master’s program?
GW offers the following Graduate Certificates completely online:

  • E-Learning
  • Instructional Design
  • Integrating Technology into Education
  • Leadership in Education
  • Multimedia Development
  • Training and Educational Technology

Upon successful completion of our Graduate Certificate program, students who are accepted to the Educational Technology Master’s program may transfer all credits earned.

Advance Your Skills as a Leader in Education Technology

The George Washington University’s (GW) online Master’s in Educational Technology Leadership program prepares students to develop and implement instructional technology systems across diverse industries and organizations. To learn more about the Master’s or Graduate Certificate programs, request information or call (844) 386-7323 to speak with an admissions advisor.