GSEHD Students, Alumni, Faculty, and Staff Present at GW Research Days

Students, alumni, faculty, and staff represented GSEHD at the GW Research Days event last week. Thanks to everyone who presented their important work or participated as judges and mentors. (Poster descriptions are available in the Research Days Abstract Book - pages 20-38.)

Special congratulations to Anne Lackritz for winning First Place for Graduate Presentations in Education, to Sarah Einstein and co-presenter Carrie Gillispie for winning Second Place for Graduate Presentations in Education, and to Janet Gao for winning First Place Diversity Award for Graduate Presentations.

GSEHD Presentations:

  • Naomi Cholst (Research Mentor: Dr. Andrew Sonn) - A Critical Analysis of Causes, Consequences, and Solutions to Grade Inflation
  • Oliver ("Ozzie") Crocco and Dr. Maria Cseh - Organizational Development and Social Entrepreneurship in Myanmar
  • Sarah Einstein, Carrie Gillispie, and Dr. Jennifer Frey - Differences in Caregiver Question Use in Response to Toddlers With and Without Cleft Palate
  • Angel Ford (Research Mentor: Dr. Abebayehu Tekleselassie) - International University Partnership
  • Jessica Fundalinski (Research Mentor: Dr. Taylor Woodman) - Education and Citizenship in Cuba: Opportunities and Challenges for a Global Identity
  • Janet Gao (Research Mentor: Dr. Rick Jakeman) - Social Identity Exploration: International Students from Mainland China
  • Shonda L. Goward (Research Mentor: Dr. Lindsey Malcom-Piqueux) - Social Class and Sense of Belonging: A Quantitative, Intersectional Analysis
  • Elisabeth Kutscher (Research Mentor: Dr. Maxine Freund) - What's Next? Adult Outcomes Among Graduates of a School for Students with Physical Disabilities and Health Impairments
  • Anne Lackritz (Research Mentor: Dr. Maria Cseh) - Leadership Coaching: A Multiple-Case Study of Urban Public Charter School Principals' Experiences
  • Beth Milne (Research Mentor: Dr. Taylor Woodman) - How Economics Affect Education: A Cuban Case Study
  • Rubens Pessanha Filho (Research Mentor: Dr. Maria Cseh) - Emotional Intelligence, Thinking Styles, and Certification Achievement of Senior Human Resource Professionals in the United States
  • Afua Sarpong (Research Mentor: Dr. Taylor Woodman) - Education in Cuba: What Does Access Look Like?
  • Samantha Schaller (Research Mentor: Dr. Belinda Huang) - Internal and Cultural Struggles Faced by First-Generation Students
  • Emily Silverberg (Research Mentor: Dr. Taylor Woodman) - Student Engagement in Primary Schools in Cuba
  • Maggie Taylor (Research Mentor: Dr. Taylor Woodman) - Cuban Teacher Evaluation
  • Amaris Vázquez Vargas (Research Mentor: Dr. Taylor Woodman) - Student Success in Cuban Higher Education: A Priority of the Community
  • William Webber (Research Mentor: Dr. Taylor Woodman) - Foreign Language Teacher Education: A Comparative Analysis of New York State and Cuba