Dr. Dortch Provides Advice for Series of Articles

Dr. Deniece Dortch provided expert advice for a series of articles, including the Community for Accredited Online Schools' "Q&A: How to Find and Apply to Scholarships," the "From the Expert" section of gograd.org's "Publish or Perish: Graduate Students' Guide to Publishing," the "Interview" section of Best Colleges' "Online Programs - Doctorate in Education," and Amendo.com's "How to Self-Promote at Work (Without Being Obnoxious)." She was also profiled in the School for International Training's interview, "From Peace Corps to diversity scholar, her path started at SIT," and was a featured guest on the Impact the World TV Show podcast (video starts at 2:30). In addition, her scholarship on reframing academic rigor for new directions in higher education was featured in the article "Reframing Rigor for Senior Service Colleges."