2022 Graduate Student Appreciation Week

Graduate Student Appreciation Week

April 4-8,2022


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Graduate and Professional Student Appreciation Week was started in 1993 by the National Association of Graduate-Professional Students as a way to support and appreciate graduate and professional students. The week seeks to emphasize the contributions, impact and value of graduate and professional students on campuses throughout the United States.


2022 Events


Building Your Career at GSEHD: Resources for Career Exploration and Development

Monday, April 4, 2022, 12:30pm - 1:15pm EDT 

So, you have decided to pursue a graduate program, but maybe you aren't entirely clear on what your next step should be. Join GSEHD Career Services for an introduction to career exploration and building a career strategy. We will talk about the questions to explore as you plan your next move as well as introduce the tools and resources to help you with your career development.


Employer Briefing: Navigating the K-12 Hiring Process for Teachers and Administrators

Monday, April 4, 2022, 6:00pm - 7:00pm EDT

Join a panel of HR professionals from K-12 institutions to learn about the selection and hiring process for teachers and administrators. Come prepared to ask questions about how to stand out as a candidate and secure the position.


Reflecting on the Student Affairs Profession - Leading Campus Life through a Pandemic

Tuesday, April 5, 2022, 12:00pm - 1:00pm EDT

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to present challenges for colleges and universities, especially for administrators who support and advocate for students. Please join alumni experts as they discuss:

  • the responses of senior leaders at a variety of institutions,
  • the pandemic's effect on the college student experience,
  • shifts in working norms for student affairs professionals, and
  • advice to aspiring senior student affairs professionals.


Publishing in Your Field: Tips for navigating the publication process

Wednesday, April 6, 2022, 12:00pm - 1:00pm EDT

The publishing process may seem confusing or overwhelming at first. How do you identify potential publications for your article, or write a book proposal that will catch the attention of a busy editor? In this workshop, led by John W. Warren, Director of the MPS in Publishing program at George Washington University, we will discuss how to find publishing opportunities, steps for preparing academic papers for publication, and the elements of an effective proposal. We will examine the process of getting your scholarly article published, elements of book nonfiction book proposals, how to write query letters, tips on working effectively with editors, and benefits to participating in the broader academic community. Please bring your questions—and share your experience.


GW to Capitol Hill Career Panel

Thursday, April 7, 2022, 12:00pm - 1:00pm EDT

GW students and recent graduates are invited to hear directly from GW alumni who successfully built a career on Capitol Hill. Get the inside scoop on their day-to-day, impacts of the change in administration, and suggestions on ways you can also climb the Hill. The event will include 3 breakout sessions to give you the chance to hear from a variety of alumni.


GSEHD Office of Student Life Open House @ 2136 G St NW

Thursday, April 7, 2022, 4:00pm - 6:00pm EDT

Have you visited our office lately? Stop in and say "hi" to Office of Student Life staff - catch up with your Student Services Representative, learn about career and campus resources, and grab some swag and a snack before heading to class.


Virtual Coffee with GW Alumni Charles Kiamie ESI BA '00, Director, USAID Center for Education

Thursday, April 7, 2022, 5:00pm - 6:00pm

An Elliott School alumnus, Charles E. Kiamie, III is Deputy Director (formerly Acting Director) of the U.S. Agency for International Development's (USAID) Center for Education, which leverages expertise, partnerships, and global perspective to guide and influence the Education Sector and advance the Agency’s development priorities. He previously served as Acting Director and Deputy Director of the Office of Local Sustainability (2018-20), where he championed locally led development. Prior to this, Dr. Kiamie was Regional Program Coordinator in USAID's Middle East Bureau (2014-18) and Lead Foreign Affairs Officer in the U.S. Department of State's Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs (2007-14). Dr. Kiamie has taught politics and Middle Eastern Studies at GW since 2005. Previously, he worked for Lockheed Martin Information Technology and taught at Georgetown and Pepperdine. Dr. Kiamie has lived and worked in nearly all countries in the Middle East and North Africa and has a particular interest in the Levant. He was a Fulbright Fellow in Jordan and read Oriental Studies at Oxford University. Dr. Kiamie's professional and research interests include political reform, nation-building, (de)liberalization, political retraditionalization, Islamism in the Arab and Islamic worlds, locally led development, education and development, diversity and inclusion, and federal procurement innovation, including procurement innovation, the Broad Agency Announcement process, co-creation, professional leadership, and coaching and mentoring.

2022 Shout Outs 


Haley Skeens

"Thank you for being an amazing member of our team. We appreciate your can-do attitude, your willingness to help with absolutely anything, and your bright and cheery attitude and sense of humor."

-The GSEHD Student Services Team


Allison Brown, Carolina Daughtry, Kristie Harvey, Kenede Hebert, Jasmine Johnson, Amber Karichner, Shanaia Lewis, Nathalia Mazza, Francesca Pellegrini, Aryana Ware, Beneka Megginson, Ana Aelice Coleman

"We are so proud of our graduate students in CEBD! They teach all day and take courses in the evenings- their students are so lucky to have them as teachers- and we are lucky to have them in our program!"

-Dr. Rice, Dr. Ihrig, Dr. Jaffe


Dr. Adam Berman and Dr. Chaoran Chen

"Congrats on Your Recent Successful Defense!"

-Dr. Lisa Rice


Melissa Boston, Tonya Jefferson, Popsy Kanagaratnam, Nisreen Khashugji, Alethea Bustillo, Chloe Massey, Ron Lopes, Stacey Martino, Tonya Jefferson, Amoy Makhanu, Jessica Lunde, Emily Baker, Michael Redmond

"Your persistence on your dissertation will pay off. Stay the course. You are all amazing people who ARE making a difference."

-Your Dissertation Chair


Agne Stone, Almas Ayaz, Kacie Sherrell, Priya Williams, and Rebecka Hellbergh

"I want to shout out this amazing team of OLL student colleagues who co-facilitated an Imposter Syndrome workshop with me. They are deeply committed to their own learning, and the learning of others. They are scholars and advocates who deserve recognition for being proudly themselves."

-Dr. Sarah M. Ray


Jessica Hinshaw

"I want to shout out Jessica Hinshaw who is a key member of my research team. Jessica is a doctoral student in Human and Organizational Learning and is committed to Community Based Participatory Research with community-based entrepreneur groups. She is a committed scholar and a wonderful human."

-Dr. Sarah M. Ray


Nusrat Nawshin and Ohyoung (Francis) Kwon

"Nusrat and Francis are wonderful student colleagues that have developed a coding system for data analysis on one of my research projects. They are great problem solvers and come to meetings prepared to present ideas and solutions to enhance the project. I appreciate their work and enjoy knowing them."

-Dr. Sarah M. Ray


Christian List, Dex Burns

"Christian and Dex are doctoral students in HOL who are members of my research team. Both are committed to research that deconstructs White Supremacy in organizations. I value their scholarly contributions and appreciate who they are as people. Their current and future work supports creating a more just society."

-Dr. Sarah M. Ray


Dominique Touya, Ben Cook, Almas Ayaz, Mike Harris, and Sonia Deel

"Dominique, Ben, Almas, Mike, and Sonia: Thank you for all you do for the OSL team - we know it's no small feat while balancing grad school and we appreciate you!"

-Rebecca & Laura


Savannah Smith

"Savannah is the best group project partner I have ever had! I wish to work with her for the rest of my academic/professional career!"

-Jiyi Choi


Youngsoo Jang

"Youngsoo is the most hardworking person. Grateful for our friendship and fruitful discussions."

-Jiyi Choi


Zack Horne

"Zack is a fabulous multi-tasker who rocks my socks!!! Thank you for all you do in classes and in your office!"

-Jiyi Choi


Jiyi Choi

"I learned a lot from Jiyi while studying with her together. She is the most hardworking person I've ever met, passionate about everything she does and is more sincere than anyone else. Shout-out to you, Jiyi!"

-Youngsoo Jang


Cecilia Bonazzi

"I learned a lot from her while studying in IEP. Studying in the library with her, I was able to see how conscientious she was as a student. Shout-out to Ceci!"

-Youngsoo Jang


Zachary Horne

"Zack is a very passionate person who works and studies together. I do several reading groups with him together and I really learned a lot from him. Shout-out to Zack!"

-Youngsoo Jang


Ximena Vidal De Col

"I want to shout out Ximena. Ximena is a doctoral student in HOL. She is diligent and curious with an overall commitment to her own learning. I appreciate working with Ximena and value her contribution to our team."

-Dr. Sarah M. Ray


Benjamin Hiromura

"It is not easy to find someone who studies meticulously and diligently in everything like Ben. He always does his best and makes me a better student as well! Shout-out to Ben!"

-Youngsoo Jang


Grace McMahon

"If there were only people like Grace in the world, perhaps our future would be very bright. Grace is the best of the best."

-Youngsoo Jang


Jessica Crist

"I am very happy to have met Jessica through the IEP program. She is the best scholar in international education field."

-Youngsoo Jang


Jamie Siemsen

"It's so sad that Jamie is graduating. She's been really helpful to me and I've never seen anyone as smart as her."

-Youngsoo Jang


Stacy Peralta

"You are the best Stacy! Love you!"

-Youngsoo Jang


Haley Skeens

"GSEHD should be grateful to have Haley as a staff member. She is the best student and staff member!"

-Youngsoo Jang


Lama Binmasoud

"Thanks Lama for being a great classmate and being part of our writing group. We got this!!!"

-Anna Marie


Katreena Shelby

"Thanks Katreena for all you do for our writing group!!! I appreciate you holding us accountable. We got this!!!!"

-Anna Marie


Austin Reading

"Austin is the best GW person who works really hard from work to class. GW should be grateful for having such a smart staff member like him!"

-Youngsoo Jang


Jiyi Choi

"Jiyi is bright, passionate, and incredibly funny! She always knows how to brighten up a room (or zoom call)!"



Youngsoo Jang

"Youngsoo is probably the kindest person I have ever met! She is super considerate of others while still being smart and working hard on everything she does. (She is probably also the most popular person in our program!!)"

- Zack


Youngsoo Jang

"It is true when they say that "you rise by lifting others". You are an amazing human being and you shine every day supporting all of us here at IEP. Shout-out to you Youngsoo! We all love you!"

- Cecilia Bonazzi


Austin Reading

"The best coworker/classmate/neighbor around! Austin is intelligent and snarky in the most entertaining way possible. He's also a WIZ at excel!"

- Zack


De'Von Henderson

" So proud of you! Congratulations on completing your program!!!"

- Anna Marie


Camille Green

" So proud of you! You got this!!"

- Anna Marie


Tony Passino

" I am shouting out Tony Passino, an OLL master’s student. Tony is working on a research project titled Employee Green Behavior in Higher Education: A Systematic Literature review. He is presenting at the GW Research Showcase 2022 and his presentation was selected to be judged for the Sustainability prize."

-Dr. Sarah M. Ray