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Doctor of Education

Department of Educational Leadership

The doctoral program in Educational Administation and Policy offers a premier degree preparing candidates to either excel within policy research and analysis or achieve high-level success in a K-12 school setting.  Though these specialties are offered under the same degree title, they are offered at different campus locations with entirely different curriculum.

In the heart of Washington DC and the center of influence, the Ed.D. has a specialty in EDUCATION POLICY to prepare researchers and analysts to advance knowledge and improve practice for the purposes of promoting excellence, equity, and efficiency in educational systems and organizations. In a world of accelerating change and a growing need for better understanding of the practices by educational organizations and the policies that govern them, students graduate with leadership positions as skilled analysts who are able to solve problems, make informed decisions, and help improve practice.

At our Virginia Science & Technology Campus, Alexandria Graduate Center, and Hampton Roads Center, the Ed.D. has a specialty in EDUCATION ADMINISTRATION. Faculty members associated with this Ed.D. specialization have extensive professional experience in local, state, national, and international levels. This academically rigorous program prepares students for leadership responsibilities within all facets of the educational arena. Researchers and practitioners who aspire to high levels of responsibility in educational organizations will develop leadership skills through coursework, seminars, research associations with faculty, and self-directed activities.


Program Faculty

Sandy Baum, Professor, Higher Education Administration
Michael Feuer, Professor, Education
Mary Futrell, Professor, Education Policy
Josh Glazer, Visiting Associate Professor, Educational Leadership
Linda Lemasters, Associate Professor, Educational Administration
Yas Nakib, Associate Professor, Education Policy
Marian Robinson, Visiting Assistant Professor, Educational Leadership
Iris Rotberg, Research Professor, Education Policy
Kelly Sherrill Linkous, Assistant Professor, Educational Administration
Abe Tekleselassie, Associate Professor, Educational Administration

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