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Master of Arts in Education & Human Development

Department of Curriculum & Pedagogy

This program prepares teachers and other educational personnel for increased responsibilities in the planning, implementation, research, and evaluation of curriculum and instruction. A minimum 33-credit-hour program includes study in curriculum development, research and evaluation of instructional practice, teacher education, work with special populations, and school policy and leadership. A program specialty concentration may include reading and literacy, elementary education, or secondary education.

Students enrolled in the Masters in Curriculum and Instruction program can do so concurrently with the Incorporating International Perspectives in Education certificate. Courses can be double counted toward earning the Masters degree and certificate.


Brian Casemore

Brian Casemore

Assistant Professor
Curriculum and Pedagogy; English
 (202) 994-2011
Jonathan Eakle

Jonathan Eakle

Associate Professor
Curriculum & Pedagogy
 202 994-6821
Curtis Pyke

Curtis Pyke

Associate Professor
Curriculum and Pedagogy; Mathematics
 (202) 994-4516
Maia Sheppard

Maia Sheppard

Assistant Professor
Curriculum & Pedagogy; Social Studies
 (202) 994-3236

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