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Doctor of Education

Department of Curriculum & Pedagogy

The purpose of the Doctoral Program in Curriculum and Instruction at George Washington University is to prepare leaders who will work to improve pre-K-16 education in local, national and international settings. This is accomplished through critical thought, research, and reflective practice related to: teaching and learning, curriculum, instruction, policy and teacher education. The program is particularly focused on understanding how curriculum and instruction can be constructed and applied in the context of educational reform with diverse populations of students. The C & I program stresses the importance of research and study in a collaborative social context, grounded in the realities of schooling. Doctoral students will become part of a community that links scholars with practicing professionals, policy makers and educational organizations. Doctoral students will conduct research, and critically examine curriculum, learning processes, assessment and the characteristics and politics of learning environments. In addition, doctoral students will expand their content knowledge through linkages with Arts and Sciences and through opportunities for additional learning in the disciplines.

Brian Casemore
  • Brian
  • Assistant Professor
  • Curriculum and Pedagogy; English
  •  (202) 994-2011
Sylven Beck
  • Sylven
  • Associate Professor
  • Curriculum and Pedagogy
  •  (202) 994-9084
Jonathan Eakle
  • Jonathan
  • Associate Professor
  • Curriculum & Pedagogy
  •  202 994-6821
Sharon Lynch
  • Sharon
  • Professor
  • Curriculum and Pedagogy; Science
  •  (202) 994-6174
Curtis Pyke
  • Curtis
  • Associate Professor
  • Curriculum and Pedagogy; Mathematics
  •  (202) 994-4516
Maia Sheppard
  • Maia
  • Assistant Professor
  • Curriculum & Pedagogy; Social Studies
  •  (202) 994-3236
Patricia Tate
  • Patricia
  • Associate Professor
  • Curriculum and Pedagogy
  •  (202) 994-1542

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