Joshua L Glazer

Visiting Associate Professor of Educational Leadership
Phone: 202-994-8724


Dr. Glazer earned his Ph.D. in Education from the University of Michigan. His research interests are in the areas of school improvement, education policy, school networks, and educational professionalism. Prior to joining GW/GSEHD, Dr. Glazer spent five years at the Rothschild Foundation, in Israel, where he was Program Officer and then Director of the education department. He and his colleagues at the foundation led a major initiative to improve teaching and learning in the area of middle-school literacy, and supported various other programs directed at improving instruction in Israeli schools. While at the University of Michigan, Dr. Glazer participated in the Study of Instructional Improvement, a six-year study that examined the design, implementation, and effects of three leading comprehensive school improvement programs. "Improvement by Design,” the book that reports on the findings from this study, is expected to be published in late 2012 by the University of Chicago Press. Dr. Glazer has published articles on educational professionalism, comprehensive school reform, and on the design and function of school improvement networks.