At a Glance

Credit Hours 12
Main Campus
Foggy Bottom, Washington, D.C.
Alexandria Graduate Education Center
Alexandria, VA
Hampton Roads Center
Newport News, VA
Entry Semester(s)
Fall, Spring, Summer
Admission Deadline(s)
FALLApril 1 
 January 15Priority*
SPRINGOctober 1 
SUMMERMarch 1 
Program Coordinator(s)

Essentials of Human Resource Development

Graduate Certificate

Part of the Human and Organizational Learning (HOL) Department, the Graduate Certificate in Essentials of Human Resource Development provides sound understanding of organizations as human systems and studies the interaction of human behavior and organizational processes.

Students acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to assist their organizations in creating and implementing strategic approaches to developing human resources. This certificate provides students with a realistic preview of the master's degree program in Human Resource Development.

Graduates may apply for advanced standing in the Human Resource Development Master's degree program. If accepted, all 12 credits will apply toward the 36-credit Master's degree program.